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Dressed in black and strutting around the place – on the prowl for the almond milk latte she’s just made and can never seem to find, is our ‘Original Lady Boss.’

Her favourite saying is “when you’re free I want to show you something – need to know what you think”.

She would spend her last $100 on a spray tan (hopeless addict) a yummy raw dessert and the largest wine glass ever made so she could say … ‘but I only had 1 glass’!!

People she’d kill to have at a dinner party are Tabatha Coffey or Pete Evans.



Becoming ‘The Other Lady Boss’ back in November 2016 – this one is definitely NOT a morning person and quite unable to function until she’s made a latte…which she takes all day to drink!

She shares her house with her main male Louie the pug .. and partner Dan who is ‘quite nice’.

The ‘3 Nevers’ from the house of Kimberly are- Never respond to texts or calls prior to 8am, Never do hugs and no matter what the weather-Never wear closed in shoes.

Her last $100 would be spent on breakfast at Java Hut and a sneaky can of coke – but only when no one’s watching.

kylie  1


As loud as she is little…you always know when Kylie is in da house! On a clear day she can be heard from 2 blocks away…no really…she can!

Crazy about her boys Jacob and Mason, acrylic nails and a super strong cup of tea. HATES skinny jeans ‘because they are always baggy around her ankles.’

She likes brown rice, tuna and cupcakes…yep weird …only on a Thursday!

Her last $100 would be spent on her nails, English breakfast tea and a feast at The Red Dragon.



Giving Kylie a run for her money in the LOUD department is Amie.

Full of sass and bling … and really long nails she is a welcome addition to the salon.
Always laughing- she is def your go to person if you want change it up

What would her last $100 be spent on..chips and gravy and anything bling.

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