Our philosophy

Is to have the perfect mix of natural products containing the lowest level of chemicals possible whilst still delivering excellent results.

We also support Australian companies so our country can continue to flourish.



Nak soft colour ammonia free cream is formulated with a unique complex combining the nutritive properties of Argan Oil and mineral rich Bio Marine Elements.
THE ‘1ST CERTIFIED COLOUR RANGE’’ Independently evaluated, tested and approved.

Home Hair Care


The most gorgeous products in recyclable and renewable packaging, using ingredients of natural origin
The decision to separate ourselves from the commercial aspects of hairdressing around four years ago has lead us to uncover a more sustainable beauty ideal.

Eco-Packaging :Davines uses the minimum amount of recyclable plastic possible to contain Davines products. Only primary packaging is used whenever possible so as to eliminate outer packs.

Zero Impact Packaging :Davines have adopted a Zero Impact Policy (carbon dioxide neutral) for the packaging of best selling lines. Davines compensates for the CO2 emissions generated by the production of our packaging through the creation and protection of forests in various areas around the world.

Renewable Energy : Since 2006, Davines has used exclusively renewable energy from sun, wind, water and earth for their factories and offices.


Vani-T is our choice… It’s Girly ECO Glamour at its finest !!

Containing no fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, artificial fragrance, FD&C colours, or other harsh and harmful chemicals it’s so PURE you can sleep in it.

Vani-T is also a South Australian Company…Woo Hoo!!

You will achieve a flawless, luminous complexion due to the light reflecting particles contained in Vani-T’s formulation and the products have a natural SP factor of 15… another bonus.


Spray Tanning

For the best organic spray tan on the market it’s Vani-T all the way!

You’ll get a fabulous “I’ve just come back from Bali” look every single time…

You will also become addicted to them-that’s why Vani-T have their own spray tan Loyalty cards!!